How Big Should My Surface Cleaner Be To Clean Concrete?

Many people new to the business want to know how big their surface cleaner should be based on how large their machine is.  There is only one 36 inch surface cleaner that I am aware of that will operate correctly with a 4 GPM pressure washer.  That is a Turbo Twister with a 6.5 HP. I had one of my subs use it back in the day when all he had was a 4 GPM hot unit. I used one of these once and I was amazed that with the Turbo I was able to clean just as fast as a 8 GPM unit. Since the motor is spinning the unit, no pressure, no volume of water is being used to spin the wands.

turbo twisterNow these units are heavy, they are pricey and maybe too bulky or to large for your needs, but they will work with a 4 GPM and spin the wand up to 4,000 RPM’s with the right ratio. That’s about twice as fast as a non-motorized surface cleaner that you can by at Lowe’s or your favorite big box store..  The company who built them had a fire and destroyed their business. They did not rebuild since the owner, Glen was over 70 years old. I remember Glen, he always said…YES Sir when you talked with him. He is a pilot as well. Good man.

The turbo twister is just one of the many reasons why we can clean a 280,000 sq ft garage with FULL Reclaim and FULL Filtration in a single day.  Thus allowing the Client to open their garage that much sooner, which means more revenue and less issues and a whole lot less of inconveniences to their customers that use the garage daily.  The Turbo Twisters allow the speed and deep cleaning that most surfaces cleaners are just unable to accomplish.

Too large of a surface cleaner will not be very effective or efficient.  Many new to the business make this mistake regularly. Actually a 20″ is too large for 4 GPM you would be more effective and efficient with a 16″ surface cleaner. Bigger is not always better if not sized correctly.

Speed with our 36″ surface cleaner is heel to toe running 8GPM…3/8’s hose – test it out yourself and see what speed works for you!


Getting The Best From Your Pressure Washing Contractor

power washerThere are no shortage of tips on the best way to pick a pressure washing contractor.  No matter which way you decide to go you should spend at least a little time googling the companies in your area…here we will pick Sugar Land, TX.  It is fundamental that you realize that not all experts in any given field are equal.

I heard this advice from a contractor recently: “I might add my 2 cents worth here. Get the right chemicals to do the job right. X-13 Gutter Grenade is what you want to make those gutters look like new, about a 15:1 ratio. It doesn’t take much. Spray it on in the shade and rinse before it dries. You won’t believe the difference. On vinyl houses I coat them with a light bleach mixture and use a Fat Boy to pump it from chemical tanks in the truck. Dwell for 10 minutes and rinse. You can use an X-Jet for this too. DO NOT buy an extension wand. Years ago when I first tried the X-Jet I came home and used a chain saw on my extension wand so it would fit in the trashcan. I also mix Simple Cherry to keep things rinsing well. Lastly, do not rely on pressure to clean the house, you’ll only get into trouble. The key to a good job is water volume, not pressure.”

Try to start at the gutters so you don’t have to rinse the whole house over. A lot of nastiness is going to come off those gutters and land on the vinyl siding. Let us know how it works out.
BTW, YouTube has tons of videos but not all of them are good. Use your common sense and you’ll do fine.

We spoke with Daniel from and he told us some questions you will want to ask if really need help with finding a qualified pressure washing company.

1. What other equipment do they have to soft wash a house? x-Jet? Downstream Injector? What tips? You need you to be very specific here if you are not sure and are not counting on the contractor to learn on your house. Do they have a chemical injector after their pump. If so, is it a downstream injector already?  These aren’t silly questions!

2. What chemical or house wash did they buy that could be a kinda of do it all type product? Most of what you probably have is green algae and black mold under the windows and on the gutters. Will they be able to easily get the green off, how about the faint black spots underneath.

3. How in the world do they use that chemical? Do they mix it with water in a five gallon bucket or do they just stick their chemical injector into the bucket of the chemical?  You are probably thinking that the chemical gets mixed with the water in the wand so why would it need to be mixed with water before hand?

4. Where did they buy all this stuff? They can’t be driving all over town so did they order it online?

5. Do they have a machine that is at least 4200 psi that does 4 gpm? Is all they own just the stock equipment that came with it. Gun with a wand, stock tips, stock chemical injector, etc..

Addressing these basic questions and concerns should help you find a qualified power washing contractor in Sugar Land or anywhere in the Houston area!

Selecting the Best Pressure Washing and Power Washing Equipment

Begin by picking the best pressure washing equipment and end with great results
Everyone in the industry knows that most pressure washing and power washing machines are pretty similar, but that may not be exactly the truth. Big Box Stores like Lowes and Home Depot offer a variety of equipment, but the the fact is the components, motors, pumps and other parts are just not designed for every day heavy-duty use.  Over time, especially when you are not as careful as you should be about unloading the system – bad things happen.  It is easy to just go with the cheapest machine but that is certainly not always the best choice for the long term.

Commercial pressure washers are excellent for car washing in addition to auto detailing industry because there are a variety of settings the can be used to manipulate the gallons per minute and psi.   The psi along with flow rate will also influence all washing applications and have a major impact on the overall detailing performance. The best pressure cleaning and power washing products can last for more than twenty years if they are maintained regularly and used with care.

Daniel is a specialist in the pressure washing and auto detail industries and understands the difficulties associated with power washing equipment. Cold pressure cleansing systems simply lack the ability to generate the high temperatures needed to bust up gum and other substances the stick to surfaces like concrete and bricks.  Some chemicals may also be required to help clean the car floors an garages more deeply and dissolve stubborn stains more quickly. Only higher heat power washing machines are capably of delivering that sort of performance so make sure you know what kind of machine you are using before you start.

Ultimately the success yo have in this type of business is determined by how much you pay attention to details. Power washing washing chemicals are a critical facet of any successful cleaning business, and this is especially true when it comes to the pressure washing and roof cleaning industries. The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY closely monitors the power washing industry to help ensure storm water runoff is captured without pouring “dirty water” into the lower storm drains.  The fines and penalties can include jail time and thousands of dollars in fines…so don’t get caught…I mean don’t do it!  Here is a short video of a pressure washing company in Houston cleaning a driveway the right way!

“Green” pressure washing chemicals and solutions will be the buzzwords in the industry for a while but that will fade when people begin to realize that they don’t work and that cleaning with them requires a lot of water – which is worse for the planet and the people than just using bleach!  Do a double check on green cleansing chemicals before you buy as you will find out many are just as hazardous as bleach but just don’t work as well – what’s the fun in that!. The car washing and car detailing industry is filled with traditional cleaning soaps and some of the more popular green chemicals and soaps, but many do not work effectively and will end up wasting water and time. Trust me – pressure washing is not so fun that you would like to do it longer that you have to!