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Pressure Washing Company in Houston Texas


The experienced staff at Pressure Washing America, LLC deliver high quality power washing, roof cleaning and window cleaning for home owners and business owners in and around Houston Texas. Professional training and years of experience has prepared us to deliver the most efficient, safest, and meticulous services and we are unwavering in our quest to satisfy our clients cleaning needs and budget.  Feel free to contact us now, or anytime, to discuss your particular project or with any questions you have about or process, detergents, or equipment – or any other questions or concerns you have.


Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Pressure Washing Cypress, TXAll of our customers get the same high level attention to detail and commitment to clean that has set us apart from our competitors since 2005. We never over look the safety of our technicians or your property and we have built in safety measures to ensure there are no surprises. Power washing the old fashion way not only takes significantly longer but is also wastes much more water and has a greater potential to cause damage to your home. Our techniques allow us to remain safely on the ground in most cases and finish house washing jobs in half the usual time – sometimes even less.

We utilize the latest detergents and application tools as well.  Your average power washer from home depot just doesn’t have the ability to do what our machines do- and it shows up in the results.  Proper cleaning requires a higher volume of water than those machines are capable of producing, along with special nozzles and custom made detergents for killing mold and mildew and removing the stains they leave behind.  Hiring the wrong pressure washing company can leave your house dirty, or worse – an even if you think you saved a few bucks, time may tell you otherwise.

Make sure you choose the best company for the job and get the best results.  You’ll feel better knowing you have hired a company you can trust when you decide on Pressure Washing America, LLC.  Contact us now and we can generally email you with a custom price quote within a few hours so you can make the right choice and have the cleanest house on the block!


Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Pressure Washing Cypress, TXWhat do you want your potential customers or tenants to think when they see your property for the first time?  Chances are, you don’t want them to think “I gotta get out of here”!  We can ensure that the outside of your property is making a good impression so your clients feel safe end welcomed.  Dirt, mold, gum and spider nests all send the wrong impression and you may ever get a chance to change that first impression if you don’t get it right.

Many pressure washing “companies” just don’t have the experience or man power to pull off a large job.  Some “companies” aren’t even insured or have never use a lift – either of which should send up an immediate red flag if you are considering hiring them for our commercial project.  We can’t always promise to be the cheapest company around – some rely on cheap and unskilled labor to keep their costs, and thus prices, below the market average.  Ask yourself – do you want the absolute cheapest price or do you want a company that has nearly 10 years experience and get your project done right, quickly, safely and on budget?  The answer is clear – contact us today!